Urinary tract infection

Overview Definition An infection which involves any part of the urinary tract is called urinary tract infection (UTI). Second most common infection in the body is urinary tract infection. Urinary tract produces urine, urine flows within the body through it, urine is stored within it and expelled out of the body through it.Urinary tract consists …

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What is Catheter ablation

Catheter ablation is a minimally invasive procedure usually done by interventional cardiologists by which some abnormal heart rhythm is corrected. In this procedure the area from which abnormal heart rhythm originates or the area where arrhythmia sustains are destroyed by using radio frequency ( heat ablation) or cryofreezing ( using cold), or the the path …

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What is Electrical Cardioversion

Electrical cardioversion is a procedure where a device called a defibrillator is used to give electric shock to the heart with some abnormal rhythm to restore normal (sinus) rhythm.Electrical cardioversion is usually used to treat atrial fibrillation. If rhythm control drugs fail to work or cause side effects or they stop working then Electrical cardioversion may …

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Electrical system of heart

Normal heart beats in a normal (sinus) rhythm. In cardiac arrhythmia this normal rhythm of heart beat is lost.Human heart consists of (A) two upper chambers named right atrium and left atrium separated by a septum which is called interatrial septum .This interatrial septum prevents mixing of blood between left and right atrium, (B) two lower chambers …

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Atrial fibrillation ECG

Atrial fibrillation – Everything you should know

Atrial fibrillation is a heart (cardiac) disease and the commonest sustained cardiac arrhythmia. This article contains Mechanism of Atrial fibrillation, Causes of Atrial fibrillation, Symptoms of Atrial fibrillation, Diagnosis of Atrial fibrillation, Types of Atrial fibrillation, Treatment of Atrial fibrillation, Rate control drugs, Chemical Cardioversion/ Rhythm control drugs, Electrical Cardioversion, Catheter ablation,  Surgical ablation, Lifestyle modification[Normal heart …

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